Privacy Policy


Data Control Officer: Gregory Crook

At Virtual EIN, we are committed to maintaining your trust and confidence whilst you are a member of this organisation, or whilst you are visiting this website. We want you to be aware that we will not use your data for any other purpose other than to improve and maintain the service that we provide to you. Outlined within this policy are:

·         The data we collect

·         How we collect it

·         Steps taken to keep your data secure

Types of data collected

Date of Birth

We collect your date of birth to ensure that you are above the age of consent. Only the staff at the organisation have access to your Date of Birth


We collect your email so that we may get in touch with you in regard to any changes to our website or services. We also retain your email, so we are able to contact you for any matters related to the Virtual airline. We will NEVER give your email out to any other third parties or sell your email to advertisers. Only the staff at the organisation have access to your email.

IP Address

We collect your Internet Protocol (IP) address to retain in the case of abuse to the service. We do not and will not use it in any other case other than to report abuse, or to ban a user's IP if rules are breached.


We collect a cookie in our site to ensure that you stay logged in whilst you are on the site. There is no other purpose for this cookie.

As we use the Google Maps API, we therefore have a Google Analytics cookie which is used to analyse details on visitor behaviour patterns. This is primarily used to find out the number of users on the site at one time, including Guests and those logged in. We process this data in a way where you will not be identified. We strive to ensure that Google are not aware of your identities.

Pilot Reports (PIREPS)

As part of your usage of Virtual EIN, you may submit Pilot reports to us while you are flying with us, whether online or offline. This data will identify you to us, and visitors on the Virtual EIN website when a PIREP is uploaded.

Access to your information

Under the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), you are entitled to view, amend or delete any personal information that we hold on you. Please contact the Data Control Officer, Gregory Crook at

The Right to Erasure

If you do not agree with this policy in whole or in part, please contact the Data Control Officer, Gregory Crook at,  who will delete your data off our servers.